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Dance Training for the ARTIST & the ATHLETE!!

Elevation Academy of Dance was started by current owner/director, Kaleigh Hinkson, in 2019. Since then, hundreds of families have experienced the difference at EAD. 

Hinkson felt Montrose was missing a key component when it came to dance artistry today. In this world of instant gratification, proper technique has become less of a priority to younger generations. Yet with the current standards in the dance industry being extremely high, the demand on the bodies of dancers is increasing exponentially. EAD believes it is of the utmost importance to make sure dancer’s bodies are strong enough to properly execute the technique being asked of them by the dance world. It is so important to set dancers up for success in the dance world while still protecting their bodies; we can’t think only of what the body can do today, but have to think about the longevity of the body in dance and through the course of life.

Proper technique, along with the love of dance, starts at a young age. EAD has created fun-focused curriculums starting at birth to encourage proper technique and development, helping dancers progress year to year. With our consistent and thorough syllabi, dancers develop motor skills, coordination, rhythm, social skills, emotional intelligence, and more.

The art of dance cannot be taught without mind/body connection. All classes at EAD incorporate lessons in mindfulness, breath work, and emotional intelligence. We really value our positive, encouraging, family focused environment, and provide growth-mindset tools to keep students happy and motivated. EAD is a dance community where students are encouraged to grow, be creative, be themselves, and support one another. 

About Us: About


Dance training for the ARTIST and the ATHLETE.

Elevation Academy of Dance offers a safe and accepting place for artistic development and expression for students of all skill levels and varying degrees of participation. We teach current industry standards and remain active in the dance community, creating technically strong, versatile dancers. At Elevation Academy we aim to provide the more serious dancer with the opportunities and necessary training to succeed in today’s professional dance world, while providing a fun, encouraging, and educational experience for all.

About Us: About


What Families Are Saying About EAD!

About Us: Testimonials

“Voted Montrose’s Favorite Dance Studio for good reason!! My daughter has been with EAD since the beginning; and while competition isn’t her thing-acceptance, expression, and inclusivity are!! Ms. Kaleigh strives to teach respect, responsibility, and self love as well as technical dance. Don’t take my word for it…try out a class and watch your kid thrive as well!! We are grateful for EAD!!”

Matti Niksch-Dance Parent

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