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Ballet Dancers


Affordable Monthly Payments

We make paying for classes easy and affordable at Elevation Academy. Our sliding scale tuition means the more you dance, the more you save! Prices are based on total weekly class hours, per dancer.

Tuition & Fees: Welcome


·         30 min.                        $40

·         45 min.                        $50

·         1hr.                              $65

·         1.25hr.                         $70

·         1.5hr.                           $75

·         1.75hr.                         $80

·         2hr.                              $90

·         2.25hr.                         $95

·         2.5hr.                           $100

·         2.75hr.                         $105

·         3hr.                              $110

·         3.25hr.                         $115

·         3.5hr.                           $120

·         3.75hr.                         $130

·         4-4.25hr.                      $150

·         4.5-4.75hr.                   $160

·         5-5.25                          $170

·         5.5-5.75hr.                   $180

·         6-6.75hr.                      $200

·         7-7.75hr.                      $215

·         8+hrs.                          $230

*Private Lessons: $50/hr.

*Studio Rental: $35/hr.

Tuition & Fees: About


  • Registration Fee

    • $15 yearly registration fee per dancer

    • Family Discount: $25 for 2 Dancers or $30 for 3 or more

  • Tuition

    • First month tuition is due at time of registration.

    • Tuition is paid online and due the 25th of every month. ​

    • Tuition payments are non-refundable.

    • Monthly tuition is a flat-rate based on the full calendar year and does not fluctuate with student absences or holidays. 

    • Tuition will be charged until 30 days written notice of cancellation has been received. 

    • A late fee of $10 will be charged after a 5 day grace period (30th of month) followed by an additional late fee of $25 on the 10th of the month if the balance has not been paid or a payment arrangement has not been made. 

  • Costume Fees

    • Each performing class has a costume fee that ranges from $80-$100. We try our best to keep costs as low as possible for our families. Dancers keep their costumes after the performance.

    • All Spring Recital costume fees must be paid in full by February 1st. Costumes that remain unpaid for will be held at the studio, and dancers will be unable to participate in the performance.

  • Additional Fees Apply to Student Company and Competitive Team Dancers.

*Please refer to our Student Handbook for a more detailed look into our studio policies.

Tuition & Fees: Text
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